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Campus Life | Student Council

The Student Council is organized for the following reasons:

  1. To provide opportunities for students to exercise leadership responsibilities.
  2. To train students in the processes of democratic elections, parliamentary procedures, and    responsible decision-making.
  3. To assist the Faculty in organizing and conducting various functions and activities

The Council takes leadership alongside the Faculty in organizing different events in the Seminary such as Independence day, Republic Day, Social hours, Games and Sports, Christmas Banquet, etc. The Council consists of various committees such as spiritual Life, student life, etc.

Food Service

The Mess Committee comprised of the Dean of Students, the Administrator, Campus nurse and 5 student members held meetings every month to discuss and make a menu for the following month. A Register has been kept in the kitchen to make note of any concern and appreciation. While efforts are made to suit all, priority is made on health and hygiene and to provide good quality and quantity.