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Admission | Scholarship And Sponsorhips


Considering the fact that some students will not be sponsored by a Church or Institution, and thus unable to afford the full, consolidated fees, the Faculty may grant a limitednumber ofscholarships. Such students may apply for a scholarship stating the reason why they wish to be considered for scholarship under Plan 2.

There are some students who have very limited means of support due to opposition of family or lack of a church nearby where the applicant could be a member. Such student smay be considered for the maximum amount of scholarship (Plan 3).

A limited number of paid work assignments are available for students. However, most of these assignments will not cover much more than pocket money.


Churches and other agencies who wish to sponsor students are ordinarily expected to pay according to Plan 1. We recommend that this amount be paid directly to the Seminary office rather than through the student. If funds are sent to the student, it is the sponsor’s responsibility to see that the student pays the Seminary promptly.