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Daily Prayer Guide (DPG) February 2019

Feb 01 Fri: A Thanksgiving Worship service will be held today to commemorate the decision to establish PTS 50 years ago. PTS family and some local RPCI pastors will join us today. Praise the Lord for God’s faithfulness all these years.

Feb 02 Sat: Comprehensive exam will be held today for final B. Th and M. Div students. Pray that they will do well in these exams.

Feb 03 Sun: Praise the Lord for the growing ministry of Valley Bible Fellowship (RPCI) that started over ten years. Pray for the new worship service they started last Sunday. Pray for the growth of the church. Pray for God’s guidance to Mr. Arjun (PTS ’17) and the VBF team, leading the worship there.

Feb 04 Mon: Pray for Swati Kumari as she struggles in her studies. Praise the Lord that she has made some improvement. Please pray for her financial needs.

Feb 05 Tue: Pray for Siammuan as he studies and grows in the Lord. Pray for his ministry among Northeast Christians in Dehradun. Pray that he will be able to maintain close relationship with the Lord.

Feb 06 Wed: Pray for Arnold Philip as he adapts to the cold climate. Pray that he will be able to focus in his studies and grow in the Lord.

Feb 07 Thu: Pray for Kanchan as she struggles with the English language. Pray that she will be able to complete her studies to enable her to serve her church in New Delhi.

Feb 08 Fri: Pray for Avinash as he comes from Haridwar where there is a great need of good leadership in the church. Pray that Avinash will do well in his studies and grow spiritually.

Feb 09 Sat: PTS is organizing a winterfest today as part of its fund raising exercise and to have fellowship with the community within the city. There will be a variety of food stalls and sales. Pray for a blessed day.

Feb 10 Sun: Pray for Yusuf as he struggles with theological issues. Pray for him and his team as they start a Punjabi Fellowship in Dehradun. Pray for wisdom and courage as they meet new people.

Feb 11 Mon:  Pray for Abraham that he will have a strong determination to improve his English language and that he will enjoy growing together with the PTS community. Pray for his father as he is planning to organize a three-day prayer meeting during 15-17 February. Pray that this will be a blessing.

Feb 12 Tue: Vijay Kumar had a baby recently. Pray for the health of his wife and the baby. Also pray for his financial needs. Pray for Vijay Kumar’s parents as they are getting old.

Feb 13 Wed: Lamkhanlian joined PTS in the 2nd semester. Pray that he will be able to cope up with his studies. Pray that he will be able to complete his assignments on time. Also pray for his church and his family that is supporting him.

Feb 14 Thu: Pray for Kishan Gavit so that he will make good progress and grow in the Lord. Pray for his wife so that her time in PTS will be worthwhile. Also pray for their son’s schooling.

Feb 15 Fri: Pray for Deepak and his team’s ministry among the slum children. Pray for the salvation of his parents who are not Christian. Pray for his friends Sonu Modi and Vipul, recent graduates of PTS as they do church planting.

Feb 16 Sat: Today is annual Sports Day. Pray that this will be a joyful and fun day. Pray also for safety of all the participants.

Feb 17 Sun: Pray for Mathias that he will be able to understand the teachings in classes and as he does his own private study. Pray for his parents so that God will take care of them in their needs.

Feb 18 Mon: Pray for Lominash as he has a desire to grow in the Lord. Pray that his time at PTS will be fruitful. Pray that his study will not be distracted due to financial problems.

Feb 19 Tue: Praise the Lord for the progress Ishara made in her studies. Pray for her weekly Bible study ministry in Nayagaon village. Also, pray for Ishara’s cousin brother who is backsliding due to some serious problems. Pray for him and his children who are in school.

Feb 20 Wed: Pray for the plan to renovate the Lowriston building to facilitate a new dining hall, conference hall and guestrooms in order to provide more and better facilities. Pray also for the needed funds.

Feb 21 Thu: Spiritual Life Conference will be held today and tomorrow. Pray for blessings as the days will be spent in worship and prayer.

Feb 22 Fri: We praise the Lord for the growing opportunities of training young people from different parts of our country. Pray that the fundamental rights for propagating the gospel may be protected in our country.

Feb 23 Sat: Pray for Simeon Hansda as he is facing eye problems. Pray for the new members of his congregation in Jharkhand. Pray that they will remain strong in their faith. Pray for the pastors in that region.

Feb. 24 Sun: Pray for the Student Council of PTS as they take part in leadership roles in conducting various social meetings.

Feb 25 Mon: Bethel Prayer Fellowship is a group that functions under the leadership of students. The group gathers to pray every week and also raises fund for the needy and for missionaries and childcare ministries. Pray that this will bring fruitful results.

Feb 26 Tue: RPCNEI, in association with PTS is proposing to run a Bible school for its grassroots workers in Assam. Pray for God’s leading.

Feb 27 Wed: Pray for CRFI as they plan to launch a 2nd phase Hindi training program for their workers in western and northern part of India. Pray for Mr. Ravi Chandran (’13), Training Director

Feb 28 Thu: Some students who made great sacrifices to study at PTS. Pray that the needs of these students may be met as they trust that the Lord will provide.