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(Daily Prayer Guide (DPG) September 2018

Sep 1 Sat: Faculty member Rev. Abhishek Barla has gone for further study at Covenant Theological Seminary, St Louis, USA. Pray as he makes adjustments. Pray for his family as they apply for a visa to join him.

Sep 2 Sun: Praise the Lord that Mr. Sahas Moktan (’17) has completed his Master’s degree at TUK, the Netherlands. Pray as he prepares to come back to teach at PTS.

Sep 3 Mon: Pray for Siammuan Tonsing so that he will be able to do well in his studies. Pray for his mother who is alone back home, and for his elder brother who is supporting his studies here at PTS.

Sep 4 Tue: Arjun Hanse is grateful to the Lord for his sponsors. Pray that he will make good progress in his studies. Pray for his wife and baby in Assam. Also, pray for his ministry among teenagers at Moravian Institute on Fridays.

Sep 5 Wed: Pray for Avnish Kumar as he struggles to learn English. Pray that he will make good progress in his study and makes adjustments to the daily schedules. Pray for his father’s ministry in Haridwar.

Sep 6 Thu: Pray that Swati Kumari’s family in Haridwar will respond to the gospel and find reasonable ways and means to earn their living. Pray that Swati will remain strong in the Lord as she is disturbed by the condition of her family that affects her studies.

Sep 7 Fri: Lalhruaizela is suffering from stomach ulcer. Pray for healing. Pray for his grandfather who is admitted in a hospital. Pray that Zela may be able to complete his study and assignments on time. Also, pray as he leads a ministry team on Fridays.

Sep 8 Sat: Gin Malsawm has eye problems. Pray that he will recover soon. Pray for his grandmother’s health as she looks after the family in Manipur. Pray that Gin will enjoy his studies. 

Sep 9 Sun: Simeon Hansda’s mother is suffering from a hip problem. Pray that she will get the right treatment. Pray also for Simeon as he has problem in his eye and head. Pray that these will go away so that he can concentrate in his studies.

Sep 10 Mon: Pray for Neeraj as he studies and grows in the knowledge of God. Pray as he teaches Sunday School classes as part of his ministry assignments. Also pray for Neeraj’s mother as she is not well.

Sep 11 Tue: Pray for Mathias Panchoki’s church in Kalimpong as some members left the church due to some problems. Pray for Mathias as he prepares himself to work in his church.

Sep 12 Wed: Pray for Lominash as he begins to study and learn the Bible. Pray that he will be able to understand and grow spiritually. Pray for his parents back home as they are getting old. Pray for their good health.

Sep 13 Thu: A Spiritual Life Conference and a Day of Prayer will be held today and tomorrow. Pray for God’s blessings.

Sep 14 Fri: Pray that Malaki Rai will be able to discipline himself to set the right priorities in life and in doing his assignments. Pray that he will be able to concentrate in his studies.

Sep 15 Sat: Blesson has a stone in his kidney. Pray that this may naturally go away. Pray for his father’s ministry in Nepal as the government has implemented the anti-conversion law. Pray for his father’s leadership in the church and school.

Sep 16 Sun: Pray for Dheeraj Rai’s parents as they work as evangelists in Tezpur, Assam. Pray for his brother’s study and walk with the Lord. Pray for Dheeraj as he grows in the grace and knowledge of God.

Sep 17 Mon: Pray for the salvation of Deepak Kumar’s family. He has a desire to plant churches. Pray for blessings as he starts weekly ministry in Bhogpur.

Sep 18 Tue: Pray for Abraham as he needs to improve his English language. Pray that he will find encouragement as he grows together with people of other cultures here on campus.

Sep 19 Wed: Pray that Rishab Singh will be strong in his faith in God. Pray for wisdom in learning the Bible. Pray for his pastor who is suffering from kidney problem. Pray for his father as he works alone in a village to support the family.

Sep 20 Thu: Pray for Ishara Chettri’s father who is not well. Pray for recovery as he is the only person earning for the family. Pray that Ishara may remain strong in her faith in God.

Sep 21 Fri: Pray that Yusuf Masih will complete his assignments on time. Pray for his parents in Haryana as they both are involved in the ministry. Pray that the congregation may grow spiritually. Pray also for his elder brother as he leads a Bible study in Doiwala.

Sep 22 Sat: A Teachers’ Seminar will be held today. Pray that this will be a blessing to the teachers in their ministry.

Sep 23 Sun: Lamminlian Joute is glad to be at PTS. Pray as he studies and grows in the knowledge of God. Pray for his brother who is an earning member of the family. Pray for his mother’s ministry among the women of her church.

Sep 24 Mon: Pray for Pastor Baljinder Singh as he has come alone to study. Pray for his family in Punjab. Baljinder is struggling to learn the English language. Pray that he will be strong in his commitment to learn the Bible. Pray that he will find joy in learning and growing together with others.

Sep 25 Tue: Vinay is grateful to the Lord for the Lord’s blessings in his life. Pray as he takes up leadership (as President) of the Students’ Council.

Sep 26 Wed: Pray that Lalramtlungding will understand the concepts that are taught in his class. Pray that he will be able to concentrate and make good progress in learning. He is part of the Northeast visiting team. Pray that he will find interest to learn new things.

Sep 27 Thu: Pray for Christopher David as he prepares to choose a topic for his thesis that will be relevant to the church in India. Also, pray for God’s guidance as he and his church make ministry plans for him after his graduation.

Sep 28 Fri: Pray for Arjun Tamang for his future ministry in Nepal. Pray for his family that they will respond to the gospel. The anti-Christian attitude is strong there. Pray for religious freedom in the country.

Sep 29 Sat: Pray for Mr. Herbert Chandra, our cook as he is not well. Pray for his recovery and for financial needs.

Sep 30 Sun: Pray for the plan to renovate the Lowriston building that will cater to the need of the Seminary, such as the main dining hall, guest rooms and meeting halls. Pray that the required amount of fund will be met.