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Daily Prayer Guide (DPG) March 2018


Mar 1 Thu: Shweta Masih had to go home in Haryana due to her health. Pray that she will recover soon as she is being hospitalized.


Mar 2 Fri: Christopher David is grateful to the Lord for the opportunity of learning the Word in PTS. Pray for his brother who has moved to a new city so that he may find a good Christian fellowship and a church to attend. Pray also for his church in Bangalore as it is going through transition.


Mar 3 Sat: Hungyo Yuimi  is thankful to the Lord for the completion of his church building construction recently. Pray for her mother who is suffering from heart problem. Also, pray for Yumi as he is weorking on his thesis writing.


Mar 4 Sun: Arjun Tamang is happy with the progress he made in his studies. Pray for his involvement at Valley Bible as part of his practical ministry. Also, pray for the salvation of his family members in Nepal.


Mar 5 Mon: Pray for T. Kipgen as he needs to spend more time in prayer. Pray also that he will be able to complete his thesis writing on time. Kipgen’s uncle passed away recently. Pray for the bereaved family.


Mar 6 Tue: Pray for Sushma as she is working on her assignments. Pray for her health so that she will be able to complete her work on time. Pray for blessings as she takes Catechism classes at Grace Academy. Pray also for her future ministry after graduation in April.


Mar 7 Wed: Please pray for Renu as she works to complete her studies. Pray for her pastor Jayawant and his team that the Lord will bless their ministry in Bhawani, Patna. Also, pray for the salvation of her friends and relatives.


Mar 8 Thu: Pray for Vinay’s health so that he will remain fit and be motivated to work hard. Pray as he ministers to the youth group at CRP church.


Mar 9 Fri: The Executive Committee of PTS is meeting today. Pray as they make important decisions. Also, continue to pray for a new principal for PTS.

Mar 10 Sat: Yungran Vashum is working on his thesis. Pray that he will be able to produce a good piece of work. Pray for good leadership and unity in his home church. Also, pray for his younger brother and sister as they are starting a new business to sustain their family.


Mar 11 Sun: Pray for Pritam Khaling as he is facing stomach problems. Pray that Pritam may be able to complete his assignments on time. Pray for God’s help for his younger brother who is getting married next month. Also pray for Pritam and his team’s ministry among Nepali people here in Dehradun.


Mar 12 Mon: Pray for Rishab’s pastor as he has kidney problems. He needs strength to do dialysis twice a week. Pray for his speedy recovery. Pray for Rishab and his team as they have ministry in a slum area where children are at risk.


Mar 13 Tue: Pray for Lalhruaizela as he suffers from stomach ulcer. Pray that his studies may not be affected.


Mar 14 Wed: Ashok is grateful to the Lord for His blessings upon him and his family. Pray as he and his team are visiting college students as part of his ministry. Pray that Ashok may be able to do well in his thesis writing.


Mar 15 Thu: Vipul will be graduating this year. Pray that he will be able to complete all the academic requirements. He is looking forward to working under RPCI after his graduation. Pray for the Lord’s guidance.

Mar 16 Fri: Pray for Sanjiv Rai’s sister who is suffering from jaundice. Please pray for the salvation of his family members. Pray also for his uncle who is admitted in a hospital due to kidney problem.


Mar 17 Sat: Teachers’ seminar will be held today for PTS Faculty members. Pray that it will be a good time of reflection and blessings.


Mar 18 Sun: Pray for Blesson as he, with a team seeks to produce a music album. His parents run a children’s home in Nepal which is facing problems. Pray for wisdom.


Mar 19 Mon: Pray for Raja as he is in his final year of study. Pray that he will complete all the academic requirements. Pray for the Lord’s direction for his future ministry. Also, pray for his pastor’s ministry in Chennai. Pray that the congregation there may remain strong in their faith.


Mar 20 Tue: Pray for Anu’s spiritual growth. Pray that the Lord will use him in his ministry among the children at the Moravian Institute in Rajpur. Pray for God’s guidance for his future ministry. Pray that the Lord will add more people in his church.


Mar 21 Wed: Bonifas is happy for the time he could spend to study at PTS. Pray for his thesis writing. Pray that the Lord will guide him in his future ministry. Pray for his ministry at Saharanpur city so that the Lord will open the hearts of the people there.


Mar 22 Thu: Pray for Malaki Rai as he has back problems. Pray for him as he finds it difficult to concentrate in his studies. Pray for the Bible study class at Naya Gaon. Pray that more people will have hunger for the truth.

Mar 23 Fri: Anand Gurana is thankful to the Lord for guiding him in his study thus far. Pray for blessings during these remaining weeks of study. Pray that the Lord will guide him to the right place of ministry in Andhra Pradesh.


Mar 24 Sat: Pray for the youth at Gideon Raj’s church in Bangalore. Pray also for his family as they are facing some problems. Pray that he will do well in his thesis writing.


Mar 25 Sun: James and his team are having weekly ministry at a church in Vikasnagar. Pray that the congregation will be strengthened. Pray for his mother who is alone at home. Pray for James as he grows in the knowledge of God.


Mar 26 Mon: During this Passion Week, pray that we may be edified as we meditate on the last week of Jesus’s ministry. Pray that our lives and commitment will be renewed.


Mar 27 Tue: Praise the Lord for the faithful Friends of PTS. Pray that the Lord will provide the needs of student sponsorship.


Mar 28 Wed: PTS is grateful to the Lord for the Hindi Extension program which has been going on for grassroots workers of various church and mission organizations. Pray for classes that are held at various states in north India.


Mar 29 Thu: We praise the Lord for the development work at men’s hostel and at the kitchen. Pray for blessings to those who have contributed for the cause.


Mar 30 Fri: Today is Good Friday. Pray as we reflect on the work of Christ’s salvation. Pray that we may remain true to our calling to serve Him.


Mar 31 Sat: Pray for tomorrow’s Easter Sunday program around the world.