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Daily Prayer Guide (DPG) January 2019

Jan 01 Tue: Praise the Lord for the New Year! Pray that we may rejoice in the Lord always in all circumstances. May the Lord guide us to make every decision according to His will.

Jan 02 Wed: PTS’s office re-opens today. Pray for the staff and faculty members as we begin the New Year. Pray for God’s grace as we strive to remain faithful and productive in our work.

Jan 03 Thu: Pray for board President Rev. Samuel Macgregor in his responsibility as pastor of the CRPC. Pray also for Mrs. Joyce as she assists Pastor Samuel and for their children’s education.

Jan 04 Fri: Pray for Faculty Member Rev. Abhishek Barla as he is pursuing post graduate studies in USA. Pray for Mrs. Chin Barla as she takes care of their two daughters, Aradhana and Chingzam here in Dehradun.

Jan 05 Sat: Pray for travelling mercies for students who are on their way back to PTS after the winter break.

Jan 06 Sun: Pray that the ministries of the students at various places during the Christmas season will bear fruit.

Jan 07 Mon: Registration for the 2nd semester classes will be held today. Pray that students will be able to fulfill their financial obligation. Pray that their parents and sponsors will be able to pay their fees.

Jan 08 Tue: Regular classes will start today. Pray that as students and teachers grow in the knowledge of God this would shape them to be better disciples of Jesus Christ.

Jan 09: Wed: Faculty Member Rev. Vijay Tagore and his family will be leaving shortly for Australia for Ph. D studies. Pray that all formalities will go smoothly.

Jan 10 Thu: Pray for Mr. Nitin Lal as he teaches and coordinates Hindi Extension program. Pray for his wife Mrs. Archana Lal and their son Jehiel.

Jan 11 Fri: Pray for Mrs. Annie Yohannan as she works in the library. Pray also for her husband Mr. K.P. Yohannan as he helps in Immanuel Malayalam RP Church, and for their daughters Anu pursuing a doctoral program and Bincy who is working.

Jan 12 Sat: Comprehensive exam will be held today for final year students. Pray that this will help them to strengthen what they have learned.

Jan 13 Sun: Pray for Faculty Member Mr. Chanreiso Lungleng who is on study leave in Australia to pursue doctoral studies. Pray that his wife Alice Rachel’s visa may be granted.

Jan 14 Mon: Pray for Administrator Mr. K. Mathew in his responsibilities of overseeing the work in the kitchen and the support staff members. Pray for Mrs. Mary Matthew who is working as a nurse, son Jobin in college; also pray for daughter Julie as she takes care of her baby daughter.

Jan 15 Tue: Pray for Faculty Member Mrs. Susan George in her teaching and other responsibilities. Pray for her husband Rev. Jaison’s church planting ministries in Dehradun. Pray for their sons, Jeremy in school, and Allen Joshua.

Jan 16 Wed: PTS will be completing 50 years in 2019. Pray as various activities are planned starting from the end of this month and throughout the year.

Jan 17 Thu: Pray for faculty member Rev. Suraj Chellaiah as he teaches Old Testament. Pray also for his responsibility as Moderator of the Nav Jeevan Presbytery (RPCI). Pray for his wife Mrs. Hepsibah and their daughter Charis, working in Tamilnadu.

Jan 18 Fri: Pray for Vice Principal Rev. L. Roshyama as he keeps in touch with the Friends of PTS and alumni. Pray for Mrs. Lienromawi Hrangchal in her responsibility as a matron of Strom hostel, counselling and attending to the needs of the girls.

Jan 19 Sat: Pray for Business Manager Mr. Daniel Prakash as he maintains the accounts. Pray also for his wife Mrs. Kamli Prakash as Vice Principal of the nursing school at the Himalayan Hospital. Pray for their youngest daughter Danita who is in nursing college in CMC Vellore, Tamilnadu.

Jan 20 Sun: Pray for Principal Dr. Mathew Ebenezer as he oversees the administration of the Seminary. Pray also for Mrs. Anamma Ebenezer as she works in rehabilitating the underprivileged women by teaching them various skills.

Jan 21 Mon: Dr. Mohan Chacko recently published a book, “Westminster Confession of Faith – in Simple English” which was well received. Pray for him and Mrs. Judy Chacko as they continue to teach and contribute in various ministries.

Jan 22 Tue: Pray for Faculty Member Mr. Ramesh Chand as he needs to complete his doctoral studies. Pray for Dr. Maria Chand and their children Sophia and Nadia in school.

Jan 23 Wed: Pray for Guest Teacher Ms Jane Poet as she teaches English and ministers to students.

Jan 24 Thu: Pray for our Librarian, Mrs. Nalisha and for her husband Mr. Chandan Rai as he does pastoral ministry.

Jan 25 Fri: Pray for Campus Supervisor Mr. Vijay Lal as he oversees the campus. Pray also for Mrs. Asha Lal as she teaches Hindi language outside the campus. Pray also for their children Akansha (with husband) in Canada and Vishu studying in a college here in Dehradun.

Jan 26 Sat: Today is celebrated as Republic Day in India. Please pray for the President, the Prime Minister and those who influence people’s minds. Pray that the right to propagate the gospel may be preserved.

Jan 27 Sun: We praise the Lord for our new Account Officer Mr. Avnish Khan, as he takes care of the accounts. Pray for his wife Mrs. Irene who is teaching at Grace Academy and their son, Noel’s schooling. 

Jan 28 Mon: Pray for Systems Manager Mr. Sitanshu Wesley, as he works in the main office and maintains the computer networks. Pray also for his wife Mrs. Swetlana and their two daughters Elisha and Samantha.

Jan 29 Tue: Pray for our new cook, Mr. Vikram and his wife Mrs. Reena and their daughter Paulina. Pray for Mr. Herbert Chandra, who is suffering from cancer. Pray also for Mr. Jaspal and his wife Mrs. Kamla Devi.

Jan 30 Wed: Pray for the following staff members: Mr. Jagbir Maintenance assistant, Mr. Anil K Singh, Office Assistant, Mr. Jordan, Electrician and Plumber, Mr. Rohit Singh, Sweeper, Mr. Vivek, Security Guard, Mr. Prem Singh, Night Watchman, Mr. Sanjeet, Gardener.

Jan 31 Thu: Pray for funds needed to stabilize the financial status of PTS.