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(Daily Prayer Guide (DPG) November 2018

 Nov 01 Thu: Shweta Masih had to go back home again for treatment of (neuro) her eyesight problem. Pray for the right treatment and healing. Also, pray for her financial needs to pay her fees.

Nov 02 Fri: Simeon Hansda is grateful to the Lord for the increase of new believers in his home state of Jharkhand. Pray that the believers will remain strong in their faith. Pray for Simeon so that he will gain knowledge and grow in the Lord.

Nov 03 Sat: Vice Principal Rev. L Roshyama is attending the Silver Jubilee of Hebron Children’s Home in Diphu, Assam. Pray for his travel. Praise God for the many children whose lives have been transformed and many of them who are involved in various ministries.

Nov 04 Sun: Pray for Rishab’s church in Delhi as they are celebrating 60 years. Pray for them as they reach out to their community. Pray that more believers will be added. Pray for Pastor Prakash Kumar who is facing kidney problems.

Nov 05: Mon: Semester exams start today. Pray that students will be able to remember what they have learned and do well in the exam. 

Nov 06 Tue: Pray for Ajun Tamang as he prepares for his exams. Praise the Lord for the increase in number of believers in Nepal. Pray as they disciple their members and also for the need to construct church buildings. Pray for Pastor Hanok Tamang in his pastoral ministries.

Nov 07 Wed: Pray for Swati Kumari as she studies and grows in the knowledge of God. Pray for her family in Haridwar who are of a different faith. Pray that Swati will be able to meet her financial needs.

Nov 08 Thu: Pray for Mathias’s father and sister who are suffering from diabetes and typhoid respectively. Pray for Mathias as he prepares himself to work for the Lord in West Bengal.

Nov 09 Fri:  Pray for Lominash as he struggles with the English language.  Pray also for his financial needs. Pray that he will find victory in his struggles.

Nov 10 Sat: The annual 10-day practical ministry starts today. Pray for students as they engage in intensive ministry in various places. Pray for safety and wisdom as they face opposition and various challenges.

Nov 11 Sun: Pray for Vinay Singh’s future ministry and as he, God willing, graduates this academic year. Pray for his responsibility as President of the Student Council. Also, pray for the youth ministry of his church, CRPC.

Nov 12 Mon: Pray for Baljinder Singh so that he will make good progress in English language. Pray for his wife and children back home in Amritsar, Punjab. Also, pray that he will grow and mature spiritually.

Nov 13 Tue: Pray for Chaudhari Nagin’s family in Gujarat so that they will come to the truth of the gospel. Pray that Nagin and his family will grow in the Lord. Also pray for his ministry at Vijay Colony.

Nov 14 Wed: Thank God for Abhishek for the progress he made in his study and ministry at Bethany Fellowship in Rajpur. Pray for the problem he has with his eyesight and leg. Also pray for his future ministry.

Nov 15 Thu: Malaki Rai and his team have been visiting houses for Bible study. Pray that the believers will grow in the Lord. Pray for Malaki that he will find a suitable job after his graduation.

Nov 16 Fri: Pray for Neeraj Kumar and his team’s ministry among children. Pray for his friends, Bonifas, Vipul and Sonu who are recent graduates of PTS. Pray that their ministries will be fruitful.

Nov 17 Sat: Lamminlian (Mimin) is facing sinus problems. Pray for healing. Pray also for his brother who is working to sustain the family.

Nov 18 Sun: Municipal election is scheduled for today here in Dehradun. Pray that the right people will be elected.

Nov 19 Mon: Blesson Varghese will be graduating this academic year. Pray as he prepares for ministry in Nepal. Continue to pray for Christian ministries in Nepal as they are faced with problems.

Nov 20 Tue: Pray for Deepak Kumar as he prepares for the ministry, and for the people in his village who are still living in darkness. Pray that Deepak’s weekly ministry in Bhogpur will bear fruit.

Nov 21 Wed: Yusuf is facing challenges with theological studies. Pray that he will be motivated to study, learn and participate in discussion. Pray for his parents in Haryana.

Nov 22 Thu: Pray for Abraham as he studies and grows spiritually. Pray also for his father who is not well in Andhra Pradesh.

Nov 23 Fri: Students will be sharing their ministry reports today. Pray that it will be a good time of sharing and learning.

Nov 24 Sat: Kanchan finds difficulty in studying due to her limited knowledge of English language, but she enjoys having ministry among the needy children. Pray that her time in PTS will be a blessing.

Nov 25 Sun: Pray and uphold Ishara that she will find strength in the Lord as she made commitment to serve the Lord. Praise God that one family was added recently to her church in Sikkim. Also pray for Ishara’s father who has not been well for the last few months.

Nov 26 Mon: Siammuan Tonsing is grateful to the Lord for God’s guidance thus far. Pray for his brother who is working to support the family. Pray for the youth of his church (PCIR) in Manipur.

Nov 27 Tue: An anti-conversion bill has been passed in our state of Uttarakhand. Pray that this will not hinder the ministry and growth of the church.

Nov 28 Wed: Some of our alumni are facing legal and social problems in their ministry. Please pray for peace and understanding for their ongoing works.

Nov 29 Thu: Pray for David Lalramsan (’10) as he is involved in church planting ministry in Odisha. Pray that the people there will see the  light. Pray also Kartik Pal (’03) and several other PTS alumni working in this state of Odisha.

Nov 30 Fri: PTS campus is busy with Cantata preparation for 2nd December. Pray that the occasion will be a blessing to all who will attend from the local community.