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Facilities | Married Students Quarters

The Seminary recognises the advantages of married students bringing their families to stay with them during their studies. The newly-dedicated John Calvin Residential Building is the primary accommodation for married students. Other rooms on campus also are used to accommodate student families. Those who can afford to stay in rented quarters off campus are encouraged to do so with the approval of the Dean of Married Students. New candidates may seek the assistance of the Seminary office to locate suitable quarters. The students will be solely responsible for the terms and conditions of the agreement. Any wrongdoing on the part of the students (not paying rent, destroying property, or involvement in anything that may create a bad testimony) may invite appropriate disciplinary action by the Faculty.

All returning students (whether or not their families were previously residing on campus) who require quarters on campus for the following Academic Year must (re)apply for the same to the Dean of Married Students no later than 15 March. Availability and allotment of quarters will be entirely as decided by the Faculty. Allotment will ordinarily be based on the following factors in the descending order of priority: a. Seniority of student, b. Date of application, c. Need. The Faculty reserves the right to give higher priority to those who are in special need or are in unusual or difficult circumstances.

New students may apply for quarters along with their applications. Students may not bring their families along with them unless the Seminary allots quarters in writing, or unless other satisfactory arrangements have been made off campus. New applicants must keep in mind that since priority in allotment goes to those who applied earlier and to senior students, chances of getting quarters on campus are minimal.

Those who are placed in “Special Student” category and those returning to re-take Placement Examinations will not be allotted Married Student quarters.

The quarters must be vacated during summer months and when requested by the Faculty for whatever reason. The occupants may be asked to move from one facility to another during the academic year. The quarters on campus may be used only for light cooking, as all are expected to have food from the common mess. The student will be responsible for electricity and other consumables. Other rules governing married quarters may be found in the Student Handbook of the Seminary and as decided by the Faculty from time to time.