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Academics | Graduation

Graduation Requirements

The PTS Board of Directors is the degree granting authority. Those recommended by the Faculty must be approved by the Board of Directors before they may be granted certificates, diplomas or degrees.

Those meeting ministerial, academic and spiritual criteria as stated above may be recommended by the Faculty to receive the appropriate certificate, diploma or degree. A minimum of 108 B.Th. level credit hours and a c.g.p.a. of 1.50 are required to graduate with a B.Th. Those who enter the programme in the second year (Diploma holders) will be required to complete 72 credit hours with a minimum 1.50 c.g.p.a. Students under disciplinary action by the Faculty (such as those suspended or expelled) will not be eligible to receive any certificate, diploma or degree, irrespective of credit hours or grade points earned. Successful completion of all ministry requirements is necessary for graduation. All dues must be settled satisfactorily and PTS property returned prior to receiving certificates, diplomas and degrees.