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Academics | Descriptions And Aim

The Bachelor of Ministry (BMin) course is a primary level, ministry-oriented program of theological education. Its purpose is to produce men and women who are committed to Christian ministry in Churches and Christian organisations. It seeks to equip such candidates with basic Bible knowledge and skills to interpret the Bible. Developing ministry skills will be emphasised in the curriculum.

This course is designed primarily for those who have a deep commitment to ministry but may not qualify for entrance into an accredited program for one or another reason. It will also be suitable for student spouses who are committed to ministry but are not in a position to devote much time for academic study because of family obligations.

The Bachelor of Ministry degree will be similar to the Bachelor of Theology (BTh) in most respects. The BTh curriculum will be followed for BMin, teaching and learning activities will be identical to those of BTh, and classes will be combined with BTh. However, at their discretion, the Faculty may give priority to ministry courses and ministry seminars for BMin students, excusing them from higher level Bible and Theology courses

Under no circumstances will a student admitted to BMin be transferred later to BTh irrespective of his subsequent achievement of entrance qualifications (such as XII pass) or performance equal to or exceeding that of BTh students (such as higher cgpa).

Accreditation and Recognition

BMin is considered a terminal degree rather than a foundational degree. That is to say, the course is not designed as a basis for admission to higher programs such as Master of Divinity. While BTh is accredited by Asia Theological Association, accreditation will not be sought for BMin.