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Academics | Bachelor Of Theology

Description and Aims

The Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) course is a primary level, ministry-oriented programme of theological education. It seeks to produce men and women equipped with a foundational knowledge of the Bible, with basic skills to interpret its message, and with an adequate understanding of the world to apply this message. B.Th. graduates will be prepared to serve in pastoral, evangelistic, educational and developmental ministries.

The B.Th. degree may also be viewed as a broad-based, foundational degree that will prepare the student for higher theological education. Thus, in addition to imparting a body of theological knowledge, care is also taken to offer the student opportunities to become familiar with research and study methods, and to reflect on contemporary issues theologically.

Entrance Qualification

Only those candidates who have been baptized and have made a profession of faith in Christ will be considered for admission. In considering applications, the Faculty will also look into the applicant’s call and commitment to ministry, Christian life and testimony, and general maturity. In addition to these, the applicant must meet academic qualification as below

  1. The minimum academic requirement for admission into B.Th. is successful completion of 12 years of schooling (Intermediate or Pre-Degree level). Students who are awaiting results also may apply, but they must produce the relevant certificate before they can be admitted.
  2. An applicant with a High School (Standard X) pass certificate and a (two year) Certificate of Theology (C.Th.) diploma or a two year professional diploma in any subject may be considered equivalent to XII pass.
  3. An accredited theologyDiploma holder (GTh/Dip Th) is eligible for admission into the B.Th. program. If he passes the B.Th. placement examinations, he may be placed in II B.Th. If he does not pass the placement examinations, he may be admitted to I B.Th. Those with diplomas need to have a minimum one year of ministry experience after the diploma programme in order to be admitted to the B.Th. program. Unaccredited theological diploma. holders who pass placement examinations will be placed in I B.Th. Those who do not pass may be placed in Pre-Theology.
  4. Mature candidates (25 years and older) who do not meet the above academic qualifications may also be considered eligible for admission into the B.Th. programme, subject to passing placement examinations. The maximum number of candidates admitted to B.Th. in this category shall be no more than 10% of the entering class.

Determining equivalence of XII pass is entirely at the discretion of the Faculty.