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Partnership | Awards & Scholarship

It is our strong desire and prayer that no deserving student desiring to serve God will have to discontinue his or her studies at PTS only because of financial needs.

To that end, PTS seeks to provide maximum financial assistance to students.

Even those students paying “full fees” pay only about half of the total cost of educating a student at PTS. Thus, all students at PTS receive financial assistance. The concessional fee plan is a very minimum figure.

 A number of full and partial sponsorships and scholarships are offered by friends and supporters of the Seminary. These are awarded according to the terms and conditions set, and are decided by the Scholarship Committee every year. A declaration of income and assets may be required for those requesting need based concessions. Those receiving financial assistance from the Seminary may also be required to serve for a certain period under the direction of PTS for a certain time. However, the Seminary will be under no obligation to provide positions for such.

Work opportunities: Because of the structured life at the Seminary and heavy work load, students are not encouraged to take on work for adding to their income. However, a few minor jobs with nominal remuneration are available for needy students. Students may not take up work outside campus without permission of the Faculty.

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