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Alumni Chapters Formed 2014

Three Alumni Chapters were organized in the Eastern Himalayan region during May/June 2014. Principal Mohan Chacko was present during the meetings.

Earlier, the whole of the region was considered one chapter. It was felt that as the number of alumni increases the region could be divided. Distance between the cities and time taken for travel also was a factor in the decision to divide the region.

The State of Sikkim has now been made an independent unit. Of the 16 alumni working in Sikkim, 8 were present at the organizing meeting in Mangan, North Sikkim. Rev Shyam Subba was elected president. The other officers are Mrs Ruth Norden Lepcha (Secretary) and Rev Bijay Sherpa (Treasurer).

The Kalimpong unit will remain unchanged.

It was proposed that a third chapter be made for Darjeeling, Siliguri and the Doars regions, which was approved by the alumni who gathered together in Siliguri (including from Sikkim and Kalimpong). Rev. Sudan Tingbo was chosen as the President. He was asked to appoint a Secretary and Treasurer in consultation with the rest of the members.

Principal Mohan Chacko spoke to the alumni and updated them with the latest news from PTS. They were challenged to establish at least one scholarship for needy students at PTS.

Deccan Chapter Gather at Bangalore 2013


PTS Alumni (Deccan Chapter) met on Friday, 2 August 2013 at the Bangalore Presbyterian Church in Bangalore. Fourteen alumni from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka attended this meet. Principal and Mrs Chacko were also present.

The morning hours were spent in Bible study. In the afternoon, the alumni shared about their respective ministries, and prayers for offered. Though many knew each other from their Seminary days, some were alone from their respective classes. The oldest of the group was Rev Kam Khan Thang, who was a student in the seventies while the Seminary was in Roorkee, and was later a teacher at PTS. Presently he is Principal of Grace Bible College in Churachandpur, and was in town for the Annual Meeting of the ATA.