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Academics | Accreditation

The Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity of degrees awarded by PTS are fully accredited by the Asia Theological Association (ATA)

While every possible care will be taken to ensure adequate academic, practical and spiritual preparation for ministry, a degree from PTS should not be considered an automatic recommendation for ordination, appointment or admission to higher studies. We believe the duty to examine and approve candidates belongs to the Presbytery or similar ecclesiastical bodies. Confidential references will be provided to potential employers and institutions of higher studies when requested unless the Seminary is instructed in writing by a student not to provide such information.

BMin is considered a terminal degree rather than a foundational degree. That is to say, the course is not designed as a basis for admission to higher programs such as Master of Divinity. While BTh is accredited by Asia Theological Association, accreditation will not be sought for BMin.

Any Institution considering BMin students for admission in higher classes may treat the degree as equivalent to an unaccredited Bachelor of Theology.